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Sometimes, less is more...

No more Big Brother "fact-checkers" censorship shadow banning fake accounts personal data stolen annoying ads unwanted networking hidden fees

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A new platform

Many of our friends have been looking for ways to connect with like-minded people. Some are looking for love and relationships; others are looking for groups and projects. Others have exciting courses, projects, and products they would like to offer. Discussions, sharing of information, finding friends – your imagination is the limit.

Maybe the most important use of this site is the sharing of important information that might be hard to find elsewhere.

As we enter the “Great Reset”, it seems essential to relate with others outside of the normal and controlled channels. It also seems to be important to allow discussion of subjects that are actively censored in most other social networks.

The Will Be One platform is for those who would like to find like-minded people.

By real people for real people



Form groups around projects, interests, events, services, products, subjects, your company, communities, networks.

Create groups for anything that matters to you.



Join courses, set up your own courses, learn, teach and connect with teachers and students.

Teach others what you know. Earn money or share for free.



Join the discussion in many different forums. Groups can have their own public or private forum.

Share information, comment on events, inform and debate.



Invitation-only makes sure that only real people use the platform - find the people that matter -  lovers, partners, friends, communities...

Find like-minded people to change the world with.




Here, no one tracks you, no one collects data about you, no one sells your data, no one censors you, no shadow banning, no Big Brother, no marketing scams or big corporation ads.

On this platform, YOU are NOT the product.

An invitation-only Self Organizing Collective (SOC) platform

Our world is changing – it always does and always will.

Unfortunately, the big established social networks have degraded to focus on earning money by selling user information, presenting ads, making the user the product, and censoring people’s communications.

Let us instead use the internet as an open and positive spiritual service to humanity to serve us, the people, and not governments or greedy systems.

Focus on Human Evolution

Here you can connect with like-minded people to share information, ideas, tips, news, research, and find new friends and communities to meet with in real life. We need positive interactions with others to evolve.

Here you can create groups and gather friends to share and connect around a particular theme.

Here you can offer your services and/or products to like-minded real people.

Inform yourself, share what you know with others. Feel the power of real human interaction based on aspirations and interests instead of monetary gain.

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